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Aromatic plants with medicinal properties

- Piper betle (piperaceae): Betel, Feuilles de Paan
Respiratory ailments, diabetes, fever

- Plectranthus madagascariensis (lamiaceae): Baume du Pérou, Petit baume
Rheumatic pains, respiratory ailments.

Dye-bearing plants with medicinal properties

- Curcuma longa (zingiberaceae): Tumeric, Safran des Indes
Respiratory ailments, wounds, eye infections.

- Lawsonia intermis (lythraceae): Mehendi, Henna, Reseda
Skin and nail infections.

Foliage and bark plants with medicinal properties

- Murraya koenigii (rutaceae): Carripoule, Curry leaf
Hypertension, diabetes.

- Passiflora sp. (passifloraceae): Fruit de la passion, Passion fruit
Sedative, skin infections, diuretic.

Fruits with medicinal properties

- Eriobotrya Japonica (Rosaceae): Bibace, Loquat
Against cough, diabetes, respiratory ailments

- Ficus carica (Moraceae): Figue, Fis
Against dysentery and enteritis

Ornamental plants with medicinal properties

- Aloe Barbadensis (Asphodelaceae): Aloe vera, Aloe
Wound-healing, skin care and a tonic drink

- Catharanthus Roseus (pocynaceae): Pervenche de Madagascar, Saponaire, Madagascar perwinkle. Attenuates fever, colic, diarrhea and is also drink against diabetes.

Plants-based stimulants with medicinal properties

- Camellia sinensis (Theaceae): Thé, Tea, Tea plant
Against diarrhea, eye conjunctivitis

- Coffea Arabica (Rubiaceae): Café, Coffee, Kahioa
A good tonic and stimulant drink, against migraines, against diarrhea

Roots and resins with medicinal properties

- Calophyllum inophyllum (Dusiaceae): Takamaka, Alexandrian Laurel
For ulcers and against eye infections. Rheumatism and psoriasis, skin infections.

- Maranta arundinacea (Marantaceae): Aroutoute, Arrow root
Scorpion and black spider bites, dysentery, good for babies, colic, diarrhea and dysentery. Refreshing drink.

Seeds With Medicinal Properties

- Carum Carvi (Apiaceae): Caraway, Gros anis
Against bloats and gas. Against digestive tract problem

- Plantago psyllium (Plantaginaceae): Toc Maria, Psyllium
Chronic constipation and irritable bowel.

Spices with medicinal properties

- Allium Cepa (Alliaceae): Oignon, Onion
Loss of appetite, cholesterol. Lowering agent, fever and cold, hyper-tension, coughs, arteriosclerosis, common colds, inflammation of the mouth, pharynx.

- Capsicum Frutescens: Solanaceae
Piment, Chilli pepper

Vegetables with medicinal properties

- Abelmoschus escalentus (Malvaceae): Gombo, Lalo, Ladies Angers, Bindi, Mustmallow, Ambrette Seed. Constipation, urinary tract infections

- Asparagus Officinalis (Liliaceae): Asperge, Asparagus
Prevention of kidney stones and irrigation therapy for inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract.

Weeds with medicinal properties

- Ayapana triplinervis (Ateraceae): Yapana, Ayapana
Epigastric pains, colics and nausea, halt vomiting, fever, diarrhea.

- Acalypha indica (Euphobiaceae): Herbe Chatle, Indian Nettle, Cat's Nettle
Skin infections.

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