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I dedicate this site to Nani, my maternal grandmother, Leelowtee Bissoo, who was known more familiarly as Betya. She was well known in her neighborhood for all forms of post-birth treatments, treatments for mothers and children and Ayurvedic medicine.

BISSOO (1836) Patna BIHAR


MUNTOOREEA (1856) Ghazipur BIHAR


Her brother worked as a traditional chiropractor and her sister-in-law, who worked as a midwife and was highly gifted, was regularly asked by doctors to assist them with difficult hospital cases.

Another sister-in-law, currently aged over 80, also practiced these arts and lived a very traditional lifestyle.

This site is special because, unlike other sites, it does not offer a host of products or recommendations for a myriad problems and illnesses (sites that do this are totally ineffectual, illusory and false).

The reason why this site does not follow the popular route is because Ayurveda is based on numerous factors that are specific to each individual and his/her health diagnosis, as well as on constant shifts in balance and imbalance. This is especially so during treatment when each individual requires a specific approach.

In this context, it is important for you to:
- know the parameters that are specific to you;
- understand the process of balance-imbalance-restoration of balance;
- understand how balance is managed;
- discover the age-old sophisticated culture which surrounds Ayurveda and which I am part of.

This does not involve theoretical learning but a process of reflection which will enable you to know yourself better and understand yourself from a holistic perspective. Once you are familiar with these principles, you will find it easy to play an active part in co-piloting your course of treatment, working as a team.

The goal of everything posted on this site is solely to provide information to readers who wish to understand Ayurveda and its contribution to our wellbeing. The site also aims to train people who wish to practice Ayurveda and those who wish to develop their personal and professional knowledge in the context of the traditional Ayurveda relationship.

I wish to stress that, under no circumstances, should the information given on this site be used to carry out self-diagnoses or self-treatments, or to modify/stop medical treatments. These two domains are totally different and independent of each other. I, therefore, negate all responsibility if anyone makes incorrect use of the concepts, plants, etc, that are presented on this site.

Now let's get to basics - Source 

This site provides a clear exposé of Ayurveda, the ancient tradition of hygiene, well-being and treatment, so that you will be able to understand and manage your own personal rules for achieving peace, fulfillment, health and longevity.

Ayurveda is probably the oldest therapeutic tradition in the world that has come down to us through texts known as Vedas. These texts are approx. six thousand years old and were passed on, both in terms of knowledge and practice, without interruption since that time. The oldest is the Rig Veda which presents, in chapter 10, 97, a hymn to plants as receptacles of light and queens of the body.

Acquiring the complex art of Ayurveda can only be accomplished through direct transmission in the original language, not through courses or textbooks.

I had the privilege of benefiting from this traditional training even before I was born, for my parents had learnt the tradition from previous generations who had passed it down in full and my mother used it during her pregnancy. As a baby, I was the recipient of Ayurveda (just like my children) on a daily basis. I learnt the art and continued to practice it as an adult, working with the sages of our tradition. I have the attestations of this traditional training, which I pursued in parallel with my academic studies.

This generational process of transmission took place in the Bihar region of India and was enriched, during later generations, by the Indian culture of Mauritius, until my arrival in Israel in 1995. I practice Ayurveda in my personal life and have handed it down to my children. In my professional life, I use it to carry out diagnoses, counseling, treatment and teaching. As I deepened my knowledge of Jewish culture in Israel, I found that the two cultures - Judaism and Ayurveda - offer enormous reciprocal insights and both highlight the wonders of Creation.

Two cultures - Indian and Jewish - are present within me. They are also present within the individuals who consult me since these are people who belong to Jewish culture but who also place their trust in an ancient method of health, well-being and longevity. Consequently, I feel that it is important to clearly present the principles of Ayurveda, using Jewish cultural markers to facilitate viewers' understanding. Ayurveda is, of course, applicable to everyone, whatever their culture or religion.


The information I provide and my comments derive from both these domains but, in no way, should it be viewed as a complete exposé of both systems, or as a complete presentation of the works that are cited or their central message, nor as favoring one culture over the other. The fact that I draw on both systems is simply my way of rendering Ayurveda more comprehensible to the reader. I wholeheartedly believe that one must totally respect the original teachings of each culture, from the time of their inception, for both cultures were handed down from master to pupil without altering any aspect whatsoever (in Judaism, the transmission goes back to Moses at Sinai and in Indian tradition it took place over numerous millennia, from acharya (leader) to acharya, in a process called “parampara”).

I have, therefore, avoided the facile pedagogic route and I have not allowed myself to make any changes to either tradition.
The connections I make between the two cultures aim to lighten the research of the reader and of those who pursue consultations or training with me and enable them to pursue more easily their studies and self-management by themselves, on the basis of their own culture and treatment and in the complete freedom to be themselves, which is the central goal of the program.

Each person will thus be able to arrive at this "raja-vidya, royal knowledge" (Bhagavad Gita 9, 1-2).
And every Jew, with his special uniqueness in the world, as he sings the poetic Bar Yohai song, will be taking up the supreme challenge, as an associate of the tradition began by God himself with the celebrated plural of "Let us make man…" (Genesis 1, 26).

It is in this context that one should understand the many references I make to the Torah, the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali's Yoga Sutrai.
I thank, in advance, readers who point out errors or make suggestions.

Before the birth of a child and particularly during pregnancy, a mother practices Ayurveda and, after giving birth, she gives her child massages and thus creates an intense and happy bond with her baby. In my turn, I passed this treasure onto my children’s generation. From a young age they understood and integrated this knowledge and are capable of using it when necessary.
This is how I myself began my career in this field.

As I grew up, I benefited from the transmission of the tradition through my paternal grandmother (Dadi, in Hindi) and my maternal grandmother (Nani, in Hindi) and through other members of my very traditional family.

Finally, with the cultural mix of the Hindi and Hebrew languages and he unique position the island of Mauritius, in the middle of the Indian ocean, close to the island of La Reunion, to Africa, to India, and with its close ties to England, I bathed in the cultures and languages of France, England and the US.
Having integrated and solidly affirmed my pluralistic-cultural individuality, and having lived in cosmopolitan Israel, I am able to help (in these various geographic zones) people of different cultures since I understand and speak their languages – by making diagnoses, treating, training and offering personal development support.

My life is thus divided among a rich variety of people whom I personally help in these different geographic areas. Today, these relationships are enabled via telephone, the Internet, e-mail and personal trips. It is important for me to maintain contact with all these places, for they are living complementary sources of the unique Adam – human being.

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