Traditional Ayurvedic Center

The training in Ayurveda in our
traditional Ayurvedic Center involves two stages

First – personal experience

It is first through the body that one understands Ayurveda, not just through the intellect. These are the stages of treatment (link) : learning to identify your own basic and developing diagnosis, massage techniques, plants, nutrition, meditation, and yoga. This is followed by a continuous personal apprenticeship.
All these stages are carried out in a dialogue with the practitioner.

Theoretical training can take place at the same time

First, the articles featured on our site should be read and re-read on an ongoing basis, because our comprehension and sensibility change as we develop personally and gain experience.
Afterwards, one can move onto other texts and books, such as those listed here. Readers are welcome to ask advice in this domain and they will receive a prompt reply.

Here is a list of books that should be studied after you have read the articles below: click here.

Solid traditional training

This training caters to two types of readers:

- those who wish to acquire authentic knowledge of this tradition based on the original texts, in order not only to benefit from Ayurveda treatment but also to understand it as a holistic science, not simply as a diet or gymnastic yoga.

- those who are studying for a professional qualification in this field and whom I am training and supervising. For these people, it is very important to advance progressively in the true methods, and to discover and know them in depth.

I have listed all the related links on my site : these pages can be found on the left-hand column of the two sections (Treatment : Training). They represent the basis of a pleasant, patient and very long process of work and integration, both intellectually and at every level of being.

For further information

- Books on Ayurveda
- Books cited in the article on the Ayurveda tradition – read article

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